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Episode 13: Tormaresca Estate with Maria Teresa Carlone

Tormaresca Estate and the great wines of Puglia. Maria Teresa Carlone tells us about the history of the estate and the grape varieties that are putting Castel del Monte and Puglia on the map. The wine of Puglia that is making a significant mark on the international stage. Changes in the perception of Puglian wine and increasing international recognition are gathering pace. Puglia is getting a lot of attention and few of the myriad wine cultures in Italy can match its combination of long history and sudden resurgence. Puglia combines grape varieties whose genetics are shrouded in ancient times, a wine producing history that is almost as old as that of Greece and a level of investment and energy that is almost unmatched in Italy. What is certain is that Puglia’s autoctonous grape varieties, including particularly Aglianico, Primitivo and Negroamaro, have a story to tell that is as piercing as the southern Italian sun.

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Episode 8: Wine Regions of Spain (Part 1) with Shanyn Ward

Part 1 of a whirl-wind tour of the wine regions of Spain with my guest, the charming Shanyn Ward. Spain’s wines in 2 acts!

Spain’s wines and wine regions are varied and extensive. Spain produces literally billions of bottles of wine every year. But don’t think of Spain as a place for bulk wine or for mediocre quality. And don’t be intimidated by the range of bottles on the wine shelves. Spain is rightfully one of the premiere wine regions on earth given its long wine history and its favourable climate and variety of wine terroir. You will find wines of all quality levels and all price points. And you will find killer wines at a great quality to price ratio.

Shanyn Ward joins me to host this quite extensive tour of Spain’s wine regions. She applies her deep experience and education to guide us as we travel from the wonderful wine regions close to Barcelona and then hit the road on a major counter-clockwise trip around Spain. We’ll go to Rioja, to the Basque country, to Rias Baixas, Ribera del Duero, Jerez and much much more.

Have you wondered about the famous tempranillo grape and what differences it shows in different regions and terroirs? Have you tried Albariño wine from Rias Baixas and wanted to understand more about this wonderful white? Do you think about Sherry wine and ask yourself why it doesn’t seem to be on consumer’s minds so much these days? Join us on the journey to talk about these and loads of other Spanish wine topics. From Mencia grapes to Garnacha. From Bilbao to Barcelona. From Cava to Rioja reds. Spain has such a rich and rewarding wine culture.

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Episode 4: The Rosé Episode

Rosé wine has leaped into the limelight - and onto the patio table of wine lovers everywhere! Learn some of the secrets to why Rosé is so popular and compelling.

This podcast episode is a deep dive into the phenomenon that is Rosé wine. To my mind, if there was ever a wine segment that commanded respect (but was having some trouble getting it) it would be Rosé. It comes in different forms and styles, has been drunk for thousands of years, is perhaps the most enduring of wine styles ultimately and is freaking delicious. But somehow it struggles for respect.

Well, at least it used to. Wine drinkers today are consuming Rosé wine in unprecedented volumes. This podcast is about why they are drinking it, in what styles they are loving it and in what sorts of fun situations Rosé makes its way into our glasses. From Rome to Provence to the rest of the world, this is the party wine we are smashing back. But its also the serious food wine that some savour completely. Let’s go to the beach, to the BBQ and to the dinner table and learn about Rosé.

Oh, and by the way, we’ll talk quite a bit about how Rosé wine is made in case you are interested in that. Also, we are going to take an excursion into history - the history of how the Romans pursued their wine passion straight into Provence and then took the battle to the Gauls in bloody and relentless Roman fashion. I’d like to say it was all about the Rosé but that might be overstating the case….

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