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Episode 11: The History of Wine - Greece (with Anna Dimitriadis)

In this episode the eloquent and very knowledgeable Anna Dimitriadis takes us on a tour through Greek history to explore wine’s role in culture. Anna is an accomplished wine educator and wine professional in Greece and the perfect person to guide us on this fascinating journey. Wine has an almost inextricable relationship with Greece. Although wine was not first made here, Greece is the place where it really took hold as an integral part of human culture. Winemaking reached maturity in ancient Greece. In other cultures such as the Assyrian and Egyptian it had been reserved for the elite and for religious purposes. But then Dionysus, the extravagant party-loving God of wine made his way to the pantheon of the 12 main Greek gods on Mount Olympus. Dionysus was not about to keep the party isolated up on Mt Olympus and he made wine available to regular mortals and encouraged them to soothe the challenges of life with wine and companionship. And so began the democratization of wine, the commencement of a commercial industry and, eventually, the spread of Greek wine grapes and winemaking skills through the Mediterranean.

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Episode 4: The Rosé Episode

Rosé wine has leaped into the limelight - and onto the patio table of wine lovers everywhere! Learn some of the secrets to why Rosé is so popular and compelling.

This podcast episode is a deep dive into the phenomenon that is Rosé wine. To my mind, if there was ever a wine segment that commanded respect (but was having some trouble getting it) it would be Rosé. It comes in different forms and styles, has been drunk for thousands of years, is perhaps the most enduring of wine styles ultimately and is freaking delicious. But somehow it struggles for respect.

Well, at least it used to. Wine drinkers today are consuming Rosé wine in unprecedented volumes. This podcast is about why they are drinking it, in what styles they are loving it and in what sorts of fun situations Rosé makes its way into our glasses. From Rome to Provence to the rest of the world, this is the party wine we are smashing back. But its also the serious food wine that some savour completely. Let’s go to the beach, to the BBQ and to the dinner table and learn about Rosé.

Oh, and by the way, we’ll talk quite a bit about how Rosé wine is made in case you are interested in that. Also, we are going to take an excursion into history - the history of how the Romans pursued their wine passion straight into Provence and then took the battle to the Gauls in bloody and relentless Roman fashion. I’d like to say it was all about the Rosé but that might be overstating the case….

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